Specialists in Digital FreeForm lenses
Specialists in Digital FreeForm lenses

Perfect for every eye – our lenses

So you have had your eye examination and have chosen the frame which is just right for you.  Now it's time to decide on your lenses:  single vision, bifocals, varifocals, occupational lenses; plastic, glass; standard refractive index, mid or high refractive index; tinted, Transitions; hard coating, UV coating, anti-reflective coatings.  The choice can be bewildering.


At Buckingham Opticians all of the spectacles we supply are dispensed by fully qualified, registered opticians, so we can quide you through the maze of lens choice and availability to dispense exactly the right lens type for you.  Whatever your needs may be - from fishing to golf, crafting to computer gaming, driving to reading, or just looking at your mobile phone, we can offer you the benefit of over two decades' experience in optometry.




All lenses have distortions.  Traditional spectacle lenses are 'best form' designs, based on equations formulated a century or more ago.  These lenses are cheap to produce but the distortions can be quite problematic, causing sloping and slanting effects (meridional aniseikonia), rolling or concertina effects in varifocals, or in some instances causing symptoms like sea-sickness. 

In the digital age we can now design lenses on special computer software.  These lenses are designed uniquely as a pair, ensuring optimum optical performance at every point on the lens, and also ensuring the best vision through both lenses, minimising the distortions and the sloping and slanting effects.  The sophisticated computer program takes into account the lens powers, the tilt and bow angles of the frame, the distance between the pupil centres and their position within the frame apertures, and the back vertex distance - the distance between the back of the spectacle lens and the front of the eye - for both the chosen spectacle frame and the trial frame used during the eye examination.

It all sounds a bit complicated, but the results are breath-taking.  The lenses are as thin and as flat as they can be, the sloping and slanting effects are virtually non-existent, and the vision is crisper and sharper in all directions of gaze.  In varifocal designs the effect is to produce lenses which offer smoother graduation zones, with reduced distortion in the periphery and no more rolling or concertina effects.

As the lenses are tailor-made to each individual prescription and frame combination, they take a bit longer to be manufactured and are more expensive than stock lenses, but the difference in performance is like the difference between a standard TV picture and HD.


At Buckingham Opticians we specialise in digital FreeForm lenses, so if you would like to know more, just give us a ring or send us an email..

We currently obtain most of our lenses through Humbrex Optical, an independent glazing laboratory based in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire.  We have dealt with Humbrex ever since we were founded in 2011, and their quality of service is unsurpassed.  We also use the glazing services of Lab3Sixty in Leeds, and Lenstec in Caerphilly.



E-Scoop is the first prescription lens specifically for patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and is designed to make images sharper and more restful.  E-Scoop detail is designed specifically for reading and close work.  Essentially they work by shifting the image inside the eye so that the image of whatever you are looking at is moved onto healthy retina.  The lenses come with a yellow medical contrast tint as standard, but are also available in clear and sunbrown (photochromic) options.

They don't work for everyone and are quite pricey, which is why we have a trial version available to see if you experience the 'wow' factor, so you can try before you buy.

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