Specialists in Digital FreeForm lenses
Specialists in Digital FreeForm lenses

Clear focus at all ranges – our varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses are a bit like cars:  they all work on the same principle, but some are far more comfortable to drive than others.  At Buckingham Opticians we supply varifocal designs from either Lab3Sixty, an independent lab based in Leeds, or the LensTec Group  However, we are able to supply you with almost any design of varifocal currently available in the UK.


Most varifocal designs are now available in thinner materials, including Trivex and Hi-index materials up to 1.74, and many can be tinted or are available in Transitions 8, Transitions Xtractive and Transitions Xtractive Polarising..


Just remember, all varifocals are not the same, and it is not advisable to try to shoe-horn everyone into the same two or three designs - we can guide you through the maze and dispense the lenses suitable for your needs. Different people have different priorities, and at Buckingham Opticians we can advise you on which type of varifocal will be the ideal choice for you.


Many people also believe that if they have tried varifocals unsuccessfully in the past then they can never wear them.  Very often this misconception is reinforced by the wearer being told that they are intolerant to varifocals by whoever has supplied them previously.  Modern free-form compensated digital varifocals are much more comfortable to wear than the old, 'hard' designs.  


We are so confident that you will succeed with them that, if you do not, we will exchange them for bifocals at no extra charge (terms and conditions apply).


If you need any advice or help with varifocal lenses, just give us a phone call or send us an email.


Exceed digital varifocals - what makes them so special?

The arrival of Freeform Technology has created a revolution in lens personalisation 

The Exceed varifocal design uses Camber Technology to combine complex variable curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction. The unique, continuously changing surface curvature of the specially designed lens delivers an expanded reading zone and improved peripheral vision. With our sophisticated Exceed inner surface design both surfaces work together to produce an expanded prescription range, better cosmetics (flatter for many prescriptions) and superior near vision performance, when compared with conventional progressives.

Benefits of Camber Technology by Younger 

The Camber Lens blank features a variable base curve – a new front surface innovation that provides the optically ideal base curve in all three viewing zones.

From the top of the lens blank to the bottom the base curve increases up to three dioptres. This ‘stacking of the spheres’ is a totally new idea and unique to the Younger Camber design. Utilising this special blank a digital lens design on the back surface provides benefits to wearers in both the distance and near zones. Wearers enjoy noticeably increased acuity in the periphery of the distance zone, as well as a reading area that is more comfortable and easier to find.

With Exceed lens design the camber blank is only the beginning. When this unique front surface is combined with a sophisticated back-surface digital design, both surfaces work together to become Exceed powered by Camber. The design can be further enhanced by adding the individual frame measurements, making the Exceed the premium lens design.

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