Specialists in Digital FreeForm lenses
Specialists in Digital FreeForm lenses



Following the announcement by the Prime Minister, and the further details released on Monday 11th May, we will continue to keep both of our practices closed until further notice.  At Buckingham Opticians we are committed to giving our patients the best service, and will continue to be available to offer any help or advice that we can over the phone.  If you require new contact lenses, or adjustments or repairs to your spectacles, please call us on 01482 566451 or 01482 841359.  We will always do whatever we can.  

We continue to offer emergency appointments for patients through the CORRS scheme for both Hull and East Yorkshire CCG's, on the telephone number above.

We wish all of our patients the very best, and to be well and stay healthy.


We have a range of prescription sunglasses now in stock at both Anlaby Road and Cottingham.  Complete prescription sunglasses start at just £89, including the frame, lenses, sunglass tint and 100% UV protection, including a range for our younger patients.  Just give us a ring to find out more.


Buckingham Opticians was founded in July 2011, taking over the Spectacle Warehouse on Anlaby Road in Hull, and Edwards Opticians (formely jason@guyphilips) in Cottingham.  We offer a  friendly, personal and professional service tailored to the individual visual requirements of our patients.


We are able to examine patients from birth onwards, and can also examine patients who are hearing-impaired or for whom Engish is not their first language.  We are also able to examine patients with physical or learning disabilities, and are even able to visit patients in their own home if they are unable to leave home unaccompanied.

We offer comprehensive private and NHS eye examinations with thirty-minute appointments, screening for visual stress, quality spectacle frames to suit any budget, and top quality lenses, including the latest in FreeForm technology and Transitions Signature, the latest and most advance generation of plastic photochromic.


With over thirty years' experience in optometry, we are able to guide you through the bewildering range of choices of spectacle lens designs, materials, tints and coatings, and can find the right one to suit your needs.  


We also offer a full contact lens service, including daily and monthly disposables, torics and multifocals.  We are also able to fit and supply Duette hybrid lenses, a highly specialised lens type which offer the visual clarity of rigid lenses with the comfort and stability of soft lenses.


If you would like to know more, just send us an email or give us a ring.  If you are passing, pop in to one of the practices - we'll be pleased to see you. 


In a recent survey into customer service by Which?, the UK’s leading consumer body, independent opticians like us came top, with a customer satisfaction rating of 88%. The detailed report was based on a survey by over 5400 members of Which?, who rated their experiences of eye examinations and purchases of spectacles and contact lenses over a period of three years.

In a recent online survey, nine out of ten respondents rated the service they received at Buckingham Opticians as 'good' or 'very good'.

We strive to offer the best service possible:  we don't offer 'free' sight tests or BOGOF offers; we don't use selling tactics or push you into paying for things you don't need. 

We just offer quality service and honest opinions.


All lenses have distortions.  The higher the lens power, the greater these distortions will appear to the wearer.  Ordinary stock lenses are kept on a shelf until they are used - they are mass-produced, readily available and cheaper.  However, they have distortions which can make the wearer feel quite uncomfortable with the sloping, slanting effects ("meridional aniseikonia"), and the surface curves are arcs of a circle.  

Digital FreeForm lenses are different - they are specifically designed as a pair on a computer, which flattens the curves (parabolic, elliptic or hyperbolic) and reduces the distortion effects.  The lenses are thinner, flatter and lighter than ordinary lenses, and eliminate the sloping and slanting effects,  making the vision much more comfortable and far less like living in a goldfish bowl.  Due to the complexity of the lenses - both in terms of measurements by the optician and the bespoke design/manufacturing processes - they are more expensive than conventional lenses, but are also far superior.

At Buckingham Opticians we specialise in the measurement, supply and fitting of Digital FreeForm lenses which are available as single-vision, bifocal or varifocal designs, and include all of the various materials, tints and coatings which are available on standard lenses.

If you would like to know more, come along and speak to Stuart Buckingham.  He can explain in greater detail the way in which the lenses work, and can give you quote for your own specific requirements.


Now in stock at both Anlaby Road and Cottingham, we have new frames from Soho Square, Lipsy, Dunlop and Senator.  


Do you have problems concentrating? 

Do your eyes ache or go a bit blurry when reading or using the computer? 

Does your child have problems concentrating at school? 

Does you child complain of his/her eyes aching or blurring, especially when reading?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be due to visual stress.  This is where the eyes have difficulty working and focussing together.  We can assess the visual performance, and examine how well - or not - the eyes work together.  Sometimes this can be mistaken for dyslexia, but we don't use coloured overlays or precision tints, so cannot offer an assessment for Meares/Irlen syndrome.


We can also check for pattern glare, which can be associated with triggering migraine attacks in many migraine sufferers.

For visual stress and pattern glare we can prescribe spectacles, tints and orthoptic exercises to alleviate the symptoms.


If you would like to know more, just give us a ring or send an email.


Official Hull City spectacle frames are now available at Buckingham Opticians for just £65.

We are also able to supply frames for Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic and Rangers.  Just give us a ring, send an email, or pop in and have a look.

Enjoy looking at our website. We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you soon.

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